Membership is open to anyone with an interest in clay (i.e. teacher, professional, amateur, collector, gallery owner and supplier). 

This form is for NEW MEMBERSHIP ONLY. Existing members, you can renew your membership via the Square recurring invoice. This invoice is sent every year on November 1. Check your email inbox for the invoice. Tip: The email invoice from address is "" and the subject will have the words "Clay Alliance Invoice. If you need to make changes to your membership info (phone, email, etc), send an email to 

1. Fill out the form BELOW and click the SEND button at the bottom of the form.

2. Our directory has space for a small picture. We would love to have one of you so that members using the directory can put a face with a name. If you have a picture please email it to

3. Pay Online via Square preferred method  - $26.00 (Includes $1 to cover cost of processing), $15 for Student membership


 Payment Method

After you enter your information on this page, you will see a button/link to pay via Square. --The amount is $26 to cover Square processing costs.

After you enter your information on this page, you will see a button/link to pay via Square. --The amount is $15 (for valid students).

Be sure to send your check for $xxxx5 (see address above).

 Student membership: must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled at a college/university

Personal Information

First Name Company/Studio Name

Last Name
Address City, State and Zip

Suburb/Township Name
Phone 2nd Phone
Email Web Site: Pottery/pottery-related
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Clay Information

Describe Your Work What Clays Do You Use? How Do You Fire? Other Information

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Where Do You Work In Clay?


Name or Location if you chose college or "take private lessons" above...

Volunteering Opportunities

Show your support of the Clay Alliance by joining a dedicated group of volunteers who share their talents and interests with the group. Hours count toward Spring Fair acceptance. Check your interest below:

EMPTY BOWLS: To help organize or participate in Empty Bowls events
EXHIBIT: To help organize future exhibits
SALES: To help organize and run sales
WORKSHOPS: To help plan/organize/host an internal or professional workshop
Publicity: To help the Publicity Director with publicity projects
Nominating Committee: To collect nominations, create and count ballots and report results
Mailings: stuffing envelopes, stamping, etc.
Courier: Pick up or deliver items for various projects
Phone Tree:  To contact membership not connected by E-MAIL
Just ask me!: To fill in a volunteer job when needed


The purpose of the mentor program is to share our experience and knowledge with others.  This free exchange of information is one of the benefits and foundations of belonging to Clay Alliance.  Please check only ONE or TWO areas of expertise.

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The Clay Alliance is looking for volunteers with certain skills. Do you have skills in the following areas: Desk Top Publishing, Computer Skills, Copy Layout, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Wood Working Carpentry, Photography? We need your expertise!!!

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